How long will it be before you start to see a return on your website investment?


Everybody wants to know the answer to this question, and the simple answer is that I have no idea! It depends on many things, not the least of which is how good a salesperson you are!

Simply having your website online automatically puts you one step ahead of all the other agents that don’t. After all, nobody is going to visit a website that doesn’t exist.

One website might get 100 visitors a months, and 5 of them decide to contact the agent, whereas a similar website may get 1000 visitors a month, and none bother to contact the agent.

Is there an element of luck involved? Absolutely. But there are a number of ways you can get luckier.

Firstly, you need to “get the word out” about your site. Don’t be shy about it. Where ever you currently put your name, you need to also put your website address. There are all the obvious places such as on business cards, property flyers, newspaper ads etc, and a million not so obvious ones such as in the school newsletter that you sponsor, on your Facebook page, in your email signature, or on the back window of your car. Imagine how may people drive behind you, or pull up behind you at the traffic lights during a single day!

Secondly, your website has to stand out from the crowd. Add a little personality to it with lots of information about you, and not just your name, address, and phone number. Visitors want to be reassured that you are an expert at what you do, as well as a decent human being that they can trust. A blog is a great way to incorporate all these functions into your website.

And finally, it takes time. A website with good solid content, generates credibility, notoriety, and popularity over time. Whatever returns you get from your website in the first 6 months should be looked upon as a bonus, because the real value will start to kick in 12 months, 18 months, and 2 years down the track.

A website isn’t like an ad that you run in the newspaper, that goes out with the rubbish the next day. It’s a long term investment that will generate more visitors, more leads, and greater returns, the longer you have it.