How can I promote my website without spending a single cent?


Word of mouth, always has been, and always will be, the best value promotion you will ever get. The suggestions I’m about to give you will all help to speed up the “word of mouth” process, and get eyeballs on your website.

Your website can’t perform miracles on it’s own. You need to give it a little help to make a name for itself. Here are some simple ideas to get the ball rolling.


The 5 easiest, and totally free ways to promote your website are to ensure that you add your website address to …

  1. your email signature
  2. your business cards
  3. your Facebook page
  4. your LinkedIn profile
  5. your print ads, newspaper ads & flyers


Another 5 – With a little more effort you can also add your website address to …

  1. your sponsorships, eg school newsletters, charities etc
  2. your vehicle, eg simple sign on the back window
  3. your For Sale signs
  4. your giveaway items eg pens, notepads, calendars etc
  5. your Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+ profiles


Yet another 5 – If you’re really keen you can add your website address to …

  1. your signature on any blogs or forums your comment on
  2. local business directories
  3. your local chamber of commerce directory
  4. Ask family and friends link to your website from their websites, blogs, & social media accounts
  5. Create A Blog And Create Videos



With the exception of the vehicle signage suggestion, which might cost you a few dollars from your local print shop, all of these website promotion methods are totally free.

Even if you only employ the first 5 suggestions, word of your website will be spread to a surprisingly wide audience within a few short months – and cost you absolutely nothing!

Now stop sitting around, waiting  for a miracle to happen, and implement at least the first 5 suggestions right now!



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